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How do we plan for the upcoming year with our podcast? What’s on the horizon for Unpacking Design?

Mike starts this episode off with metrics on Unpacking Design and talks about how the podcast has passed 150 episodes and the consistency of sharing new episodes every week. He shares his optimism leading into 2020 before the pandemic and all the different topics that has been covered on the podcast. Topics ranged from apps to office furniture and movies to tech.

Mike and Tim discuss the ways that the pandemic changed how they recorded their episodes from in-person to online. They share the positive effects that the pandemic had on their content development for Unpacking Design and provided topics that they never thought about discussing.

Tim transitions the discussion to his thoughts for the direction of Unpacking design in 2021. They agree that the podcast’s topics can start to focus on getting in-depth with specific topics, narrowing down the different subjects to focus on with the podcast, and bringing debatable topics to the table. They also agreed that sharing topics ahead of recording each episode would give each other an opportunity to research the topic at hand and dive deeper during the recording.

Tim transitions to brainstorming guiding questions for the podcast so that every episode is structured and leads to a subjective discussion based on Mike and Tim’s perspective. Mike talks about how Unpacking Design has always been something he looks forward to because he walks away from each discussion learning something new or thinking about the topic in a totally new way. He also talks about the potential of bringing guests on the show and getting their perspective and expertise on a topic at hand.

They transition to talking about Tim’s hope for the podcast to focus on a greater cause like teaching others so they can walk away from each episode with a lot more knowledge about a topic than before and having a new perspective on it.

Learn more about what to expect in 2021 with Unpacking Design in this episode where Mike and Tim reflect on 2020 with the podcast and talk about where they see it heading in 2021.

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