#36: Niall O'Connor, Asia Centre Director, Stockholm Environment Institute


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Niall O’Connor is the Asia Director of Stockholm Environment Institute in Bangkok, Thailand. Niall holds a BSc and a MSc in Forestry, both from University College Dublin, and a MSc in Biodiversity Conservation from Imperial College London. Niall comes to SEI from WWF, where he had served in leadership positions since 2008, and as regional director for Eastern and Southern Africa since 2011. Previously, he served as country director in Gambia and Senegal for Concern Universal, a UK-based international NGO.

In this podcast, Niall talks about the wonderful work that the SEI Asia Centre has been involved in giving particular emphasis to gender equality, social equity and poverty reduction, how business as usual is not going to help the world in a post-pandemic world and why inclusiveness is extremely important as we look towards the future.

Notes –

01:02 – Niall’s environmental journey

03:37 – The role of SEI’s Asia Centre

09:45 – Organisational challenges

14:25 – SUMERNET - Sustainable Mekong Regional Network

17:40 – Examples of SEI’s work in connecting gender and climate change

30:59 – Climate refugees

35:17 – Informed climate activism in Thailand

39:01 – Call of action - personal responsibility and inclusiveness

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