Traits of Hypocrisy Part 1


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Traits of Hypocrisy Part 1 Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 6th December 2019 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester Video: This seven-part series details the different types of hypocrites and their various traits. The dangers of adopting these traits is emphasised so that the believers identify and avoid them. There are many verses in the Qurān which mention the hypocrites and their behaviours. The first verses outlined in this talk are those of Sūrat al-Baqarah, many of which speak about nifāq (hypocrisy). Before explaining each verse, a general introduction to nifāq is given. A division is then made into nifāq of faith and deeds; with nifāq in deeds possibly leading to nifāq in faith. The concept of deeds having a momentum is then discussed in relation to this. Three different types of hypocrites in faith are then discussed; two of these types started off as believers and eventually fell into hypocrisy. The Ṣaḥāba, despite having firm belief and some even being promised Jannah, had a fear of falling into nifāq. Three traits of nifāq are later identified: deception, lying and refusal to accept blame. Each of these traits are explained and examples are given. It is also mentioned that believers have opposite traits to hypocrites; such as innocence, truthfulness and sincerity in their apologies. Below are some of the topics for this talk: - Two Types of Hypocrisy; In Faith and In Deeds - Meaning of Fūjūr (Open Sinning) - Different Types of Hypocrites During the Time of the Prophet ﷺ - The Saḥābah's Fear of Hypocrisy - Believers Having Opposite Traits to Hypocrites - Attributes of a Hypocrite - Traits of Hypocrisy: Lying, Delusion & Arrogance - Balanced View of a Believer ********************************************************************** Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram - **********************************************************************

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