#15: Harini Nagendra, Professor of Sustainability, Azim Premji University


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Harini Nagendra is a Professor of Sustainability at Azim Premji University. Harini is an ecologist who uses methods from the natural and social sciences - satellite remote sensing, biodiversity studies, archival research, GIS, institutional analysis, and community interviews, to examine the sustainability of forests and cities in the global South. She has also been a Lead Author of the 5th IPCC Report - Working Group III. She is a recipient of numerous awards for her research, has authored two books, and over 150 peer reviewed publications, including in Nature, Nature Sustainability and Science.

In this podcast, Harini talks to us about her career path, the future of the forests and how relentless the cycle of fight for nature can be.

Notes –

01:19 – Harini’s career arc

14:31 – Nature nurtures cities versus urbanisation killing green pockets

18:59 – Covid19 within the frames of climate change

23:35 – Forests protected by state and national laws

29:44 – Work related to satellite remote sensing and technology for biodiversity assessment

32:40 – National Geographic Explorer experiences

34:22 – Books on Bengaluru

40:46 – Climate change narrative

43:05 – Call to action

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