Concern Yourself with Yourself


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Concern Yourself with Yourself Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 1st February 2019 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester Video: Allāh and His Rasūl ﷺ have advised us on how to deal with the various fitnah in our lives. One of the best advises is to safeguard our tongue during times of fitnah and to concern ourselves with ourselves. It is mentioned that the ʿulamāʾ emphasized this concept and that not acting on it can potentially lead a person to committing major sins. The belief that sins only consist of physical actions is rebuked, even though our culture may have influenced us to belittle sins of the tongue and mind. The hadith of ifk is brought as an important example showing why we should leave that which doesn't concern us and that our involvement is usually of no benefit. Below are some of the topics mentioned in this talk: - Importance of good company - What is salvation? - The three things that gave Luqman his rank - How investigation leads to major sin - Guarding our speech - Our involvement in the affairs of others - Safety of concerning yourself with yourself - Defending oneself against fitnah ********************************************************************** Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram - **********************************************************************

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