The Unknown Secrets of Paranormal Investigations - Part 2


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Lady Fontaine and James Elkin have been doing paranormal investigations for close to 30 years. Long before it was a fad, Lady Fontaine and Jim Elkin visited people's homes,bars, restaurants and other locations and not only investigated but also released stuck energies from locations or items they encountered. Lady Fontaine is a psychic and Jim Elkin is not only a skeptic but approaches each investigation from a scientific perspective. Jim is often seen specing out a location carefully in advace to determine where there are electrical hotspots or magnetic frequencies that might effect their findings during the investigations. He maps everything out very carefully before they 'officially' begin the investigation. Want to know more? Tune in for this fascinating show as Jim discusses and explores many common methods currently used in paranormal investigations and gives pros and cons - hints at what really works and what doesn't! Lady Fontaine and Jim will share some stories of sites they have investigated. Ryan Dalton brings his humor and warm personality as he interacts with callers and shares his ideas and questions! We welcome your calls about tonight's topic or anything on your mind!!! Call us at 646-716-9764. ****** PLEASE read the GUIDELINES on our profile page regarding how Lady Fontaine takes calls, how she reads and what info is needed (first names ONLY please!)

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