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Web applications are used on a wide variety of platforms.

On each of these platforms the web app needs to load properly and allow the user to navigate the website and interact with all of the user flows, such as sign-up, login, and the various read and write operations that make up the functionality of any website.

It is difficult to ensure web application functionality across all platforms, because there are so many platforms. Different operating systems, different underlying hardware, different browsers, and different device form factors all create potential sources of suboptimal website functionality and performance.

Testing web applications often involves the work of a manual quality assurance (QA) employee. The QA can simulate the procedures that a normal user would go through. This QA process ensures that the website is operating as expected. But the manual workflow can slow down software development.

Gabriel-James Safar is a software engineer and the founder of Madumbo, which was acquired by Datadog. Madumbo was founded with the goal of making web application testing simpler by identifying errors in pages and enabling users to create test suites from recordings of user activity. This process simplifies and accelerates the testing process.

Gabriel-James joins the show to talk about his experience building Madumbo, and his perspective on the modern application testing process. Full disclosure: Datadog is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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