The Mandela Effect


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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting with this show - our shows will now be 2 hours in length so we can get more calls in!!! Be sure to call and get in queue early. Call us at 646-716-9764. Give us a call so Lady Fontaine and her co-hosts can guide you on your journey. This episode Lady Fontaine and co-hosts Paula Kay and James Elkin discuss the Mandela Effect. This is when many people (hundreds, thousands and in some cases millions) have memories that do not match the current historical timeline. Is it alternate realities, time jumps, time warps or something else? There are dozens of shared memories. When did Nelson Mandela die? What color is chartreuse? Is the popular peanut butter called JIF or JIffy? We'll be discussing the many options of what this phenomenon could be. Both Lady Fontaine and James Elkin will share their recent Mandela Effect personal experiences. Author Rhonda Bloom, who is co-writing a book with Lady Fontaine will be joining the panel to further explain a Mandela Effect experience she had with Lady Fontaine, Join in on the FUN and mystery of this controversial and baffling topic. We welcome calls on any topic for this show but would love to hear of your Mandela Effect expereiences. Give us a call at 646-716-9764.

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