Branding 101: The Secret Sauce Your Company Is Missing


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Welcome to another episode of ICO 101. Our mission is to give crypto & blockchain entrepreneurs the tools and tactics to break into and level up in the crypto & blockchain industry. If you are listening to this episode it is because you want to level up either professionally, personally, or both. Just by listening to this episode alone, you doing just that (leveling up). You are awesome and keep doing what you are doing and eventually you will get what you want. In this weeks episode we are going to dive into a 101 on Branding. What is Branding? Why is it important? What are companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs doing wrong and what are the best companies doing right? With me to talk about branding is Kobe Gatsby. Kobe is a highly successful E-commerce entrepreneur and branding consultant. He is also the co-author of Ecom Secret Sauce, the legitimate, step-by-step recipe to build your first profitable ecommerce brand and attract loyal customers that love you more than life. I found it to be an incredibly informative course with very actionable tools and tactics that have made a major impact on how I think about my side hustles. You can find Kobe on all the socials and links to him and all the goodies are below. Aaron Paul Twitter: @supaaronpaul LinkedIn: ICO101 Twitter: @ico101podcast Website: Kobe Gatsby: Twitter:@kobegatsby Instagram:kobegatsby Email Newletter: Ecom Secret Sauce: Music: Skydive by Loxbeats Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library © Copyright 2019 CRYPTO 101 Media LLC All Rights Reserved

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