Journey Into A Podcast Network with Nate Phillips: Season 4 Ep. 01


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"Do it till you are blue in the face. Do it when you don't want to do it. Be bigger than yourself." --Nate Phillips

Like many podcasters, my guest today is many things. Nate Phillips is the VP of the Journey Into Comics Network. He also hosts four shows including, The Voice Of Survival Podcast, Foodies Watching Movies, Journey Into Comics, and Journey Into Wrestling. You can find and subscribe to the entire network of shows at

Nate's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • After losing an epic podcast episode due to his board glitching out, he is now super precautious and immediately turns the board off after recording so the file saves immediately.
  • Nate discovered that his strength as a podcaster was helping other new podcasters develop their talents and produce their own shows. This has helped grow his network into a diverse group of shows run by a team of dedicated, passioate podcast hosts.
  • Because it was easy and inexpensive, they started off by putting all the network shows on a single RSS Feed. As the individual shows have gained momentum, they are now in the process of giving each show a dedicated RSS Feed, and social media identities.
  • Their primary goal is to produce diverse, entertaining, and engaging content.
  • Nate had been fortunate in having committed hosts join his network. If that ever changes, he would understands, and would just ask that they have an exit show for the listeners. It's important that everyone is still having fun.
  • He pays attention to all the details of the content being produced in his network. If he discovers something subpar, he gently reaches out to the host or producer to help them improve for the betterment of the network as a whole.
  • Nate studies his hosts' speech patterns and is sensitive to an overuse of filler words.
  • Nate wants to continually learn while looking ahead to the growth and development of the network.
  • They are currently using Patreon as a way to monetize their network, and engage with their audience by providing early releases and bonus content as their reward levels. They are now close to having all of their hosting costs covered through crowdfunding.
  • You have to put the work in, and roll with the punches such as the time recently when he had to fill in for a host who couldn't make his recording time for his political podcast.
  • It is a rewarding experience to be able to work with a pool of people with unique talents. He also enjoys finding new talent and supporting them.
  • Podcasting takes commitment and dedication. You have to do it when you don't want to. Sometimes, your best content will happen during these times.

Nate's hypothetical podcast about his life: "Darkness Giving Way To Light"

Nate's Fantasy Podcasters: Johnny Carson and David Letterman

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