Eric Hunley from Unstructured: Go Into It Giving Because It's All About Relationships


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Hello podpals! On this episode, I am being joined by Eric Hunley of the Unstructured Podcast! Jen and Shannon were interviewed on his podcast at Podcast Movement 2018, and it was about time Jen returned the favor. You can check out Jen and Shannon's episode all about Podbean HERE. Podcasters will learn a lot of from this interview--including how Unstructured got to over 10,000 Facebook fans.

Eric's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Eric is a fan of this podcast. Smart! :)
  • It tool Eric 10 yrs to launch because of imposter syndrome. Now he is about to publish his 100th episode in just 9 months.
  • He finds his guests in a variety of ways including facebook groups, previous guests, events, and reaching out to people he finds fascinating.
  • Although he has been lucky to bank episodes, he prefers to publish them as quickly as possible so that of his show is going in a direction that isn't working he can catch it sooner.
  • Eric uses Squadcast to record remote interviews and really likes the video feature that allows you to see your guest during the interview.
  • It's a long game.
  • Eric does hours of research on each guest to ensure that his episodes are very high quality. Just because a podcast has a modest audience does not mean it is not a quality podcast.
  • Eric puts systems in place to save him time by always scheduling his social media posts at the same time so he maintains consistency in his podcast promotion.
  • Eric bought a Facebook ad which resulted in him having over 10,000 fans on Unstructured's Facebook page. He outlines the process. Although he ended up with an unengaged audience, he finds value in the vanity metric for attracting high quality guests.
  • Eric also has a Facebook group which has become not only a resource for great interview questions, but the members have become real friends.
  • Although Eric spends hours preparing, he does not provide guests with pre-interview questions because he wants an authentic conversation.
  • He uses social media to market his podcast, and has noticed some increased traction on LinkedIn. He also chooses his release time so that it reaches the most time zones at an ideal time for listening.
  • Guests don't always have professional headshots. Bummer.
  • He subscribes to a service called Dlvrtit to help him with the quality of his Twitter content to free up some of his time for engaging.
  • When you attend a podcast conference don't look to get anything out of it. Go into it thinking, "What can I give".
  • Eric is writing a book about how to be a great podcast interviewer! Stay tuned for that!

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