Want to Change Your Life? Ask Yourself Just Three Questions


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This week, I want you to listen to the podcast with a notepad and pen. Sit down. Get comfortable. And get ready to dig deep.
There are three huge questions I want you to ask yourself. These questions might make you uncomfortable and they might be tough to answer, and that's okay! Thats where all the growth is! These three questions are designed to find out what you really want in life, and can help guide you to what is keeping yourself stuck.
This 20 minute podcast is the first step to getting unstuck and building the legacy you want to leave.
Things we talk about this week include:
- The three questions to ask yourself to help you break free from being stuck.
- The importance of listening to your soul and intuition for guidance.
- How walking into fear head on can lead you to where you want to be.
- What priorities you want to make in your life.
Want to learn more about Craig and how he can help you leave the legacy you want in life? Find him on Instagram: @CraigPerryCoaching

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