Living ON Purpose in Every Aspect of Life


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That's a word thrown around a lot by coaches to help you live your best life. But instead of looking at it from a career standpoint, let's look at it from an overall LIFE standpoint.
Instead of asking "What is my purpose?" ask yourself "Am I living ON purpose?"
This week, Craig looks at some of the most successful people in the world and finds what sets them apart from the rest. What can we learn from the most successful people in any part of life, not only professionally but personally? Craig gives you tips to look at those you look up to and that are where you want to be and how to find traits and habits you can implement into your own life.
Topics discussed include...
What Tom Brady and Elon Musk have in common that you can implement in your life right now.
How to engage in life instead of just defaulting in life.
How being present is the most powerful legacy you can leave.
The two biggest things weighing you down from living on purpose.
The four major ways to press forward and live life on purpose.
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