Defeating Procrastination


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It's the first episode of Life Unleashed! Welcome to this new journey!
In our first episode, Craig Perry opens up and shares his struggle with procrastination. Do you have something you've been putting off in life and been using procrastination as a crutch to keep it from happening? That was Craig over the last few weeks with this podcast. Seriously!
Hopefully, Craig's journey to creating this episode can be helpful to YOU to push you through your own struggles. You just might hear yourself in this story and relate!
This week, we dig deep into...
- The ways procrastination can show its ugly head.
- The three ways to beat procrastination.
- How what you want in life is on the other side of procrastination.
Connect with Craig!
Find him on Instagram: @CraigPerryCoaching
Find him on Facebook at Craig Perry!

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