3 Things to Consider If Your Nest Isn’t Empty


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Do you have young adults living with you in your household? If so, you’re not alone.

In 2000, only 23% of young adults were living with their parents. In 2014, that same number increased to 34%. According to researchers, the rate continues to rise. Right now, more than 36% of young adults live in the household they grew up in.

Maybe you thought you’d have an empty nest sooner and thought you had to downsize, but of course, aren’t in that situation. However, there are a few alternatives to consider.

  1. Location is important. You know you still need space, but maybe you can consider a new location to better fit your current lifestyle.

  1. Purchase a home with a better floor plan. If you’re living with a young adult, you might need a little bit more privacy. Maybe you can invest in a basement suite.

Purchase a home with a better
floor plan.

  1. Rent a home to your children. Let them get roommates! Become a landlord if your budget allows for it.

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